Welcome to Rustevo.io Rust Store!
» Here you can buy VIP Groups memberships

How it works:
» If you click one of the menu items you will be redirected to a page with the products, click on them and a popup will show with more information on what is included and how long this perk is valid.

» Once you chose your desired package simply click "buy", now you can choose if to add it to the cart, if you want to subscribe or if you want to gift it to a friend.

» Now you are redirected to the shopping cart, you have to fill in your details, do not worry we don't use your details for any purpose. But we have to collect them by law for our administration. For now, only PayPal is the default payment option, but more will follow in the future. In case you don't have PayPal please contact an admin.

» If you're not in-game, then you will receive your rewards as soon as you log in to the server.
» If you are online at the moment of purchase, then normally you will receive everything within a few minutes.
» If not, you have to relog and you will receive everything.

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